Making of Antonio Fraddosio: “Compressioni esplosive”

Making of Antonio Fraddosio: “Compressioni esplosive”,
Produced by RAI Ital’y National Public Broadcasting Company
Series of artists in the process of creating art (2006/2013)
Directed by Angela Landini ,
Broadcast: May 2008, Arte & Design, RAI Culture and Rai3
Filmed in 2008 in Antonio Fraddosio’ Studio, Tuscania, Italy
Special thanks to RAI for providing Culture Net with a dvd copy of the FILM
Rai link:“compressioni-esplosive”/1622/default.aspx

Antonio Fraddosio, artist and architect, gives priority to the transformation of his architecture in sculptures, giving them the connotation of “place “, and forcing the viewer to look for a more dynamic and intimate relationship with the work of art. He uses humble materials, such as wood, iron, concrete, oxides. The figure is just the most significant stylistic movement conferred by the artist in almost monochrome surfaces, thanks to the light that creates strong contrasts, energy and movement. (Gabriele Simongini, art review).

A journey inside ideas, thoughts and poetics, of the many protagonists of Italian and international contemporary art.