First Cycle

The Social Animal

I began to work on an artwork series named “The Social Animal”, made up of two consecutive yet distant moments in time.

The first tends towards a plastic representation of the existential condition of the contemporary human being who perceives dramatic and radical change in the society in which he/she exists: “fracture”, “unstucking”, “disconnection”, “deformation” etc. The second signals a constantly mutating external reality that overlaps the existential condition of the human being; sticking to it in such a way as to deform it in a more and more dramatic manner.

The works that make up this phase shift the expressive tension of an interior emotional condition to a social emotional condition, and “metropolitan ruins” & “urban stratifications” are the works that best represent this step. This series begins in 1997 and ends in 2007, and it’s displayed in two personal exhibitions: the first in 2004 “Tension and Torsion” and the second in 2007 “The Matter of Time”, both in Rome.